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FAQs - Small Vessel Inspection

 Question 1: How long does it take to inspect my vessel for re-certification?

Typically,  re-certification is possible within  Seven (7) days.  A safety re-certification may be expedited  for completion within  Three (3) Days .  

Question 2: How long is a Safety Certificate valid?

 Safety Certificates for commercial vessels are valid for a period of up to One (1) year whereas that for Pleasure Craft is valid for periods of up to Two (2) years.

Question 3: Can I share the inspection Fee?

 The Inspection Fee cannot be shared.  The respective Transport cost is a recoverable expense that may be shared by several Owners with vessels for inspection at one location at the same tme. The Applications for inspection must however be received at the MAJ as a single package.

Question 4: Do I need life jackets for each vessel?

 Yes. Safety Certification issued to a vessel is based upon the state of the vessel at the time of inspection. The equipment onboard at inspection must remain on the vessel at all times and must be marked with the Official Number of the vessel to which it belongs.  Equipment for one operational vessel may not be used on another vessel and must always be identified with the markings of the vessel on which it is used.

Question 5: Can I use my fishing or other vessel to carry passengers?

No.  A Passenger Vessel is inspected to a higher standard of safety than a Fishing Vessel.  A Fishing Vessel does not meet the safety requirements of a Passenger Vessel and should therefore not be used it the carriage of passengers unless it has been inspected to and has been successful at the higher standard of safety.

Question 6: How do I get around paying for a re-inspection?

 Re-inspections will be necessary if and when a vessels fails its initial inspection. To avoid re-inspection, ensure the vessel is in a safe condition at the initial inspection and all safety equipment have not exceeded their validity periods .  Do not hesitate to contact the MAJ for guidance in preparation for an inspection.


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