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The Jamaica Ship Registry (JSR) was established in 1921 under the UK 1894 Merchant Shipping Act and restructured/modernized by the Jamaican Shipping Act 1998 to respond to ship owners' need for the committed support of a quality Registry that undertakes to balance safety and profitability and provide efficient services to meet the most demanding commercial objectives. The JSR is also a vital link in Jamaica's maritime development strategy to consolidate the advances made by the Island's shipping industry in the areas of cruise shipping, container transshipment and seafarer training by fostering the development of allied services such as dry-docking, bunkering, marine insurance, and banking and legal services.

The JSR is supported and administered by a fully developed maritime administration, the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), a statutory body operating within the framework of the Ministry of Transport and Works. The MAJ is staffed by a cadre of highly qualified staff to support the operations of Jamaican vessels and ensures the nation's maritime activities are conducted in accordance with national and international maritime safety and pollution prevention standards.



The JSR offers a wide range of Registration options to suit every need including:

  • Provisional registration
  • Permanent registration
  • Bareboat Charter (in and out)
  • Ships under construction
  • Mortgage registration
  • Yacht registration

INCENTIVES fff (see also the fees)

  • No taxes on profits, capital gains or dividends
  • Discount on Initial or Annual fees for:
    • Vessels under 10 years old
    • Fleet registration
    • Home-porting of cruise vessels
    • Passenger vessels exceeding 10,000 gross tones
  • Consistent adherence to safety and pollution prevention standards
  • The technical management and operation of vessels from Jamaica
  • Use of Jamaican Seafarers


The Maritime Authority employs its own highly trained surveyors to undertake ship inspections and to assist owners in correcting deficiencies that may arise. The Authority firmly believes that in developing a relationship between its surveyors, owners and managers of vessels registered in Jamaica, mutual advantages will evolve. The owners will be able to rely on the JSR for advice and assistance and the JSR will, in turn, be confident that the vessels are continuously maintained to meet all its obligations and those of other international bodies.

The MAJ has established agreements with IACS members to conduct statutory surveys on its behalf. In addition, a global network of Non-Exclusive Surveyors (NES) is in place to provide technical support to Jamaican vessels.


  • No nationality restrictions on officers or crew.
  • Crew certification from IMO "white listed" countries recognized.
  • Fully qualified Jamaican seafarers available to man Jamaican ships.


  • The Jamaican Legal System is based on English Common Law. The Shipping Act 1998 provides a modern legal framework for the operation of a competitive International Ship Registry.
  • The Shipping Act:
  • Makes full provision for modern trends in relation to ownership and registration
  • Provides simplified yet secure mortgage recording and enforcement provisions
  • Implements all major IMO Conventions


  • Reduced port dues and other facilitation benefits in Russian Federation Ports with other agreements being negotiated
  • Network of Embassies and Consuls worldwide to provide support to Jamaican ships
  • Double Taxation Agreements with many countries (USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, China, Israel, France and Caribbean Community countries)
  • Skilled and efficient registry staff to serve your needs
  • Waiver of sovereignty


No restrictions on the nationality of individuals or entities that may own Jamaican ships.

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