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FEES & DISCOUNTS: The initial Registration and Annual Fees for a Jamaican ship are determined according to its gross tonnage.

Discounts and incentives are available to the shipowner on Initial Registration or Annual Fees where:

  1. the ship being registered is less than 10 years old;
  2. more than one vessel is being registered;
  3. the ship being registered is a passenger ship exceeding 10,000 gross tonnes;
  4. the ship has, in the preceding 5 years, consistently met the requirements of the Shipping Act and any
    regulations made thereunder relating to maritime safety and pollution prevention;
  5. the technical management or crewing of the ship is carried out by an entity established and operating in
  6. a minimum of 20% or five members (whichever is greater) of the crew, including at least one officer, are
    Jamaican nationals;
  7. in the case of a passenger ship over 10,000 gross tonnes, the home port during the 12 month period
    prior to the anniversary due date was in Jamaica.


  1. Fees for Registration, Certification and Related Services
  2. Reimbursable Travelling Expenses

Refund of Fees Policy